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Yiquan is systematically structured so students can progress in clearly defined steps from learning how to unify the body to acquire whole-body strength, through to learning how to manipulate opponents and to fighting applications using the new way of moving that Yiquan encourages. The complete system consists of seven sections.

  • Standing postures (zhan zhaung) divide into health and combat postures. Combat postures are used to develop strength sensing (mo li), this is unique to yiquan.

      • Strength testing (shi li) are simple slow movements performed in a stationary position.

          • Friction step (mo ca bu) combines strength testing with controlled stepping.

              • Explosive energy (fa li) are fast movements to issue power.

                  • Pushing hands (tui shou) fixed and moving step partner practice used to experience sensitivity to another persons movement, balance and whole-body strength.

                      • Voice/breath testing (shi sheng) to unify all parts of the body during the release of power.

                          • Combat practice (ji ji fa), the application of all elements of yiquan in a freestyle sparring or fighting situation.

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